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XOLYNTLAN/Izaoul Sifuentes is a Chicano writer and storyteller. They can be found observing the echoes between text and image, experimenting with those reverberations within the digital and the tangible. Presently, they are working on various projects in Houston, Texas.

Note: If you see any art with the name "Izabella", that's Izaoul/Xolynx! we are in the midst of a kaleidoscopic transformation...


Artist's Statement

Hand me that microscope, please. The metaphorical one. Yeah! That’s it, thank you. With that lens equipped, I’ll explain...

Experimentation is my intention here. I’m looking to tell stories through text and image, to test the many mediums and modes which I can meld together. I’m listening to their conversations; writing and visuals echo each other in a manner that requests translation. Sometimes a poem may become a video game. Or vice versa. Iterations cross dimensions. Even the pieces do not know what they might someday become.

I gravitate toward the fantastical. There is space to look at the familiar through the lens of the non-familiar. This is where I can observe magic and science in their kaleidoscopic dance. They offer no explanation, but form a route for exploration. I turn to what I cannot outrun: relentless curiosity, particularly of what doesn’t (yet) exist in our world.

There is so much to draw from just within my own digital spaces. To construct my pieces, I delve into archives—examining the fragmented, the scrapped, the obsolete. Within every project there is an opportunity to bring in odds and ends. If it is kitschy? Glitchy? Even better. With these elements, I would like to have some variability and mystery to texture the non-tangible within my work.

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